Frederik and Erlend are two individuals looking for ways to create a better world. What better means are there then a comic book about climate change and action?

Frederik von Reumont

Illustrator and Ph.D. Student in Geography

Frederik is a cartographer and research assistant at the Institute for Geography Didactics at the University of Cologne. He currently conducts research on the use of comics in geography classes as part of his doctoral thesis.

As a cartographer and geographer, Frederik likes to travel and has lived in many cities, including Hamburg, Berlin, New York City and Vienna. However, now he lives with his family in Cologne, from which he draws the world in our comic book.

You can reach Frederik at aboutusclimate@gmail.com.

Erlend Moster Knudsen

Writer and Ph.D. in Climate Dynamics

Erlend is a climate science researcher and communicator. Growing up in Sandefjord, Norway, Erlend early became attached to the great outdoors and the vulnerability of and in nature, which led him to want to study it in more detail. He holds a Ph.D. in climate dynamics and currently works as a Senior Advisor in climate adaptation at the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Always trying to find new ways to communicate climate science in an engaging way, Erlend has done standup in a pub, contributed to a theatre play, conduced outreach in more than 20 countries, in addition to having run 2500 km for climate awareness. Now, the time has come for another journey across the world – through the stories in our comic book.

You can reach Erlend at aboutusclimate@gmail.com.

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