Screenshot of the German version of ‘About Us: Stories of Climate Change’ at Startnext Crowdfunding. Please visit the project page and support the comic book at

To get the comic book published, we have set up a crowdfunding campaign. Help us finishing, printing and sharing the book, while at the same time getting getting the book yourself!

German Version

As its first language, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to get ‘About Us: Stories of Climate Change’ printed in German. If successful, we will print the book in September/October 2020.

Support us and get an own copy of the book, stickers, a poster or even a portrait with the main character by chipping in at our Startnext Crowdfunding project page.

English Version

We plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign for to publish ‘About Us: Stories of Climate Change’ in English too. Please subscribe to our newsletter on our front page or write to us of your interest at

Other Versions

Our dream is to allow the book to follow in our main character’s footsteps: to reach all corners of the world. For this to become a reality we need two things: translation into more languages and carbon-neutral shipping.

So far, we have ideas of translating ‘About Us: Stories of Climate Change’ into French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin). Obviously, this only covers part of the world, and we would need more support to cover these languages as well as others.

You can already now signal your interest in acquiring the comic book in your language. Please write to us at

Development of the China story in ‘About Us: Stories of Climate Change’.

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